Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Doubly blessed

The chicks arrived yesterday...yes, on Memorial Day. We got a voice mail from the Waterloo Post Office after midnight (Sunday night) saying that we could pick up the chicks from the loading dock and a phone number to call. Since no one answered at the number that was given, I feared that no one would be at the P.O. on a holiday and the chicks would die. So, I called a local postal worker and she told me that someone would be there. DD and I drove the 45 miles to W'loo and, thankfully, a nice man was there and handed me two boxes of chicks. We made a couple quick stops and headed home to get the chicks into the brooder with fresh water and food. I was in such a hurry to get them comfy, I didn't count them or notice that there were 50 chicks (I ordered 25 Rainbow Layers). After working in the yard the rest of the day, I went to get the boxes and noticed the packing slips inside - - one with my name on it and the other with another name on it! The guy at the post office dock gave me someone else's order (that lives 45 miles on the OTHER side of W'loo)! I just got off the phone with McMurray Hatchery and there's really nothing we can do at this point. They basically said, "enjoy." So happens that the extra 25 I got are Cornish Roasters... huh?! I guess I'm in the meat bird business now, too. Any advice, Kelli?!
At the request of Karl, here's a photo of our $16 patio fountain and the whole patio.

And this is what it looked like just one year ago:

We invited Dean, Linda, their two boys, Nile & Glo over for an impromptu bbq last night and had a nice visit. Later, DH & I sat on the patio and listed to the trickle of the fountain while watching the moon duck in and out of the clouds.

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karl said...

i like the fountain. i must tell you that that princess dress that you sent kassi has been worn more than other item of clothing since. it is almost rags.