Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Quiet Saturday

DD stayed with her Gramma K last night and will be in the Memorial Day parade this afternoon (although the forecast says it's supposed to pour). DH and I had a nice quiet evening; we went to happy hour at the golf course and saw some friends and then out for a little dinner. Got home & crashed on the couch.

I've been trying to use up some vacation days, and have been crossing a few things of my list. One of which is using up a pile of bricks from church (you can't throw away perfectly good bricks!). So, this is what has become of the bricks:The little chair that the plant is sitting on was (also) salvaged - - this time from my neighbor's burn pile (ee-gads!). It was originally light yellow (like the shed); I had some red paint, so now it is red just like the wee little chair in front of it that I found at a flea market for a buck! To the left of the chairs are transplanted perennials like daisies, hosta, spikey purple flowers (forget what they're called now). Also planted some heirloom dahlias and glads. This little shed is half garden supplies and half chicken house (a wall down the middle). It sits behind DH's new shop and just a few feet from the garden.

The kitten are starting to warm up a bit. Still won't come out unless there is food to be had. But once you do get ahold of them, they seem to enjoy it.DH has started in on his "summer semester" at work. His program used to be just during the typical school year, but the college is building an additional dormitory, so he's on tap to manage a crew of students on the project. It's great that he has work for the summer, but I think he misses working on his clients' projects.

See that little paragraph in the upper right hand corner of the blog "girl is now farmer wannabe trying to get out of corporate America..." well, it has happened. I quit my full-time job this week and have accepted a part-time job at my church. I know in my heart it's the right thing to do. DD is so excited that she gets more of her mama, and DH is relieved that I will be more...shall we say...content. *sigh* God is good all the time.

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Carla said...

Congrats on your new job. :o) And leaving the old behind. Cute little patio.

I'm a city girl from Ohio dreaming of farm life someday. I love to check into your blog to see how ya'll are doing.