Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy daisies for you

and columbines:
and iris from Uncle George:
and pinks/dianthus - - yes, they are really this bright (no photo retouching needed)
the shade garden:
So much for having a "simple" garden this year. This one has proven to be very challenging as I'm dealing with a smaller space and have to be much smarter about where to put stuff. DH built a raised strawberry bed for me and helped put in the new dirt. Put in 10 new strawberry plants. Got the tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cuke, zuke, and rest of the sweet corn in. Also moved the rhubarb to the "perennial" section of the garden (with the strawberries & asparagus). Yes, the asparagus did finally come up! We cleaned up the weeds around the new oak & hackberry trees that line the west edge of our property. DH also spent time putting another load of mulch around more trees and garden beds.

DD with one of the two remaining kittens. No, they are not exactly friendly yet; I caught this one and said "hold on tight, DD!" long enough to get this photo.Soccer is officially over - - DD's team:

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