Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back from DC

I spent the last few days in Washington DC for work. Left 7:30 am Sunday (Mother's Day...*ahem*) and got back at 10 pm last night. This is what I missed...
DH and DD in Praise Team at church (DD even had a duet!). DH prepared a nice meal for his mom and a friend from church. Then on Monday, DD had her Kindergarten program. Broke my heart that I wasn't there.

DH spent all of yesterday mowing and putting pine mulch around the trees and in my shade garden. It looks so nice! He was so diligent in watering the garden, plants (that I bought Saturday...duh, why would I buy veggie plants before I leave for four days?), feeding the chickens and (two remaining) kittens. They still hiss at me even when I bring them food...?

But, I was here. That was pretty cool. Feast your eyes on this, dollhouse fanatics. It was amazing. The gardens were fantastic and the weather was perfect. Would love to go back out there with DH & DD in a few years - - what a great city!

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