Friday, May 11, 2007

Soccer time

DD wanted to play soccer this year. Typically, soccer season is filled with rain, cold and lots of "but I don't WANT to play." This year, she was ready for it, the weather has been decent, so . . . let's play soccer!

DH is not "officially" a coach, but is often called in to help out. Sometimes, he gets to sit on the sidelines and visit with friends/family. Soccer practice and games are as much a social opportunity for parents as a recreation opportunity for kids.
I'm definitely a sideline kind of parent. My little nice KK hung out with me last night.


bidibis (aka g.a.n.g) said...

In Europe the cradle of this sport we call it football - not soccer

Gracious Acres said...

Wow . . . had I known that any Europeans were viewing this blog (snap), I'd have been more culturally sensitive. Thanks for the clarification, bidibis. Wish I could actually read your blog (it's all Greek to me), but props for putting Kate H's music on there.

karl said...

soccer (football) is great. our kids are still in that tentative stage. the field is a 30 min drive from here. one or more of the kids usually fall asleep which makes for a grumpy first few minutes at the game.