Sunday, August 19, 2007

Still here

Sorry for the long lapse in blog posts. Still coping and trying to see through this fog we're in. Had no idea we would be affected this deeply and profoundly by this sudden chain of events. I have felt the power of your prayers many times and am truly grateful.

Just to catch up a bit, we took a few days and went to Dubuque, Galena, and Decorah with my sweet MIL, K. We loved the Dubuque Arboretum:Galena exceeded my wildest expectations - - like a town trapped in a time warp. Absolutely gorgeous turn-of-the-century building immaculately preserved with charming shops, restaurants and B&B's. In Decorah, we visited Seed Savers Exchange and the Dairy Institute, where DD fell in love with a Jersey heifer calf she called "Butterscotch." I tried to convince DH that we could fit "Butterscotch" in the back of my MIL's mini-van, but he just didn't buy it.
Then, my Aunt S was up from Alabama to visit for a week, and we brought lots of local food to the table to tempt her southern-fried taste buds. Ribs and brats from neighbor D and ribs from Kelli at Sugar Creek, sweet corn, and salsa. Had a nice time visiting with her and her son, Alex (such a nice person for a 14 year old kid!).
Aunt S, G'ma G, Aunt L, & my mom:
Mom & me
DD has had to hang out with me at church as I put in extra hours in the absence of a pastor. We are still in the middle of the big remodel - - hopefully, the last of the flooring will be put down in the next week or two. A little tidying up, hanging curtains and pictures, and we'll be ready for Sunday School to start on September 9th.

DD and I did our annual trip to the Iowa State Fair on Thursday (the fair just isn't DH's "thing"). It rained in the morning, so we tried to make it a dual purpose trip by sneaking in some school shopping. By 11:30, the rain subsided and we headed to the fair grounds for a day of non-stop walking, eating, gawking, laughing, and ooh-ing & aah-ing.

DD starts school this coming Wednesday, and I'm wondering (as many other parents surely are) "where did the summer go?" I'm not ready for her to be in first grade and ride the bus and have homework.

Reading a very charming and humorous book titled "The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio - - How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less." It's a true story of a woman who "contested" her way through the 1950's and 60's, written by the woman's daughter. What a lovely reminiscence. I laughed out loud for the first time in a very long time.

Speaking of domestic duties, I have absolutely no interest in canning this year. I've put up nearly 20 one-gallon bags of beans, peas & corn and I think I'm about done. The tomatoes have just begun to turn red and I'm already sick of them. Anyone else get that way? Hopefully, it's just a passing snit, but for now "thou dost protest!"