Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No squirrels at Gracious Acres...

...until now. My friend's dad used to feed the squirrels in his yard in town until he discovered that the squirrels were making themselves at home in his attic. Since the discovery, he has cut the squirrels off from the abundant food supply and has been trying to humanely relocate them to a local girl scout camp (about 20 in two weeks!). When I told my friend that we didn't have any squirrels at our farm, he offered to implement a "squirrel transplant program." Last night the first squirrel came home to Gracious Acres.
Once released from the cage, he darted up the big tree. Tucker (the dog) and Leah (the cat) were so excited about the new arrival, too. We spent quite a bit of time watching his every move.
When I was little, my gramma G had a friend who fed squirrels...corn and Oreos. I spent tons of time hanging out there and watching through her big front window. She could even feed them by hand, they were so tame. When we lived in town, Tucker loved to chase squirrels; they taunted him by hanging just out of reach from him and then clucking at him from the branches.
Of course craziness broke out:
Now, who can resist that face?

Part of the garden springing to life:

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sugarcreekfarm said...

The squirrels here love to taunt Ava. Ike doesn't seem too bothered by them.

Your garden is a lot farther along than ours. We've had so. much. rain. the last couple weeks, we couldn't get in to do much.