Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

We enjoyed the parade in Beaman (pop 250) yesterday. DD was in G'ma K's convertible with her cousins (the theme was "Girls Day Out"). Very fun!Our westerly neighbors stood on the same corner watching the parade and had to fight DH for the candy!
We worked in the yard yesterday and today. Seems like we can never get ahead. We also went to the big city and got more supplies for the wood shop (hickory cabinets for the kitchenette) and a new table saw for DH. You'd think he'd be in heaven, but you should see all the little parts and pieces that this saw comes with just to put it all together...good grief! During a break from this tedious task, he managed to create a little fountain out of an old (terra cotta looking) plastic planter and some rock. A nice soothing trickle now fills the air on the north patio.

DH's nephew graduated today, so we went to his reception where we saw lots of relatives and met some new friends (a photographer to boot!). They have an eight-year-old son; he and DD became fast friends chasing each other around the yard until DD got a little rough and knocked him down (sorry, T!).

In the three years we've lived here, the only deer we have seen have been across the road. This morning, DD ran over to me and said, "Mom, there's a swan by the front porch!" We thought she saw a Canadian goose. When I walked over to the window, there were two young deer standing right in front of the porch (DD mean "fawn" not "swan"). I ran & got the camera and thought it was so neat to have deer in the front yard.
That was...until they started nibbling on the new fruit trees. So, Tucker was sent chasing after them. Mmm-Buh-bye little tree nibblers!


karl said...

good dog...

new table saw, congratulations.

we need a photo of the new fountain please.

Becca said...

I think it's neat that your front yard looks like a country estate from a Jane Austen book. That's the first thing I thought when I saw it. It's so lovely! I found your blog from Reluctant Entertainer (I liked your name) and I'm so glad I came to check it out!

Bronwyn said...

I love that red convertible, what make is it?!