Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Last night, our little rural neighborhood came alive with families roaming the countryside in search of treats. Neighbor Laura organizes families with little goblins to go trick or treating to other neighbors without little ones at home. Everyone enjoys themselves, the adults get a chance to visit with each other, the kids get re-acquainted, and it's just a great neighborhood activitiy.I even got in the spirit by dressing up as a rough & tumble hockey player (yes, that's makeup around the eyes, nose & mouth). My other neighbor Laurie was dressed up as a clumsy lady; seriously, she broke her finger/knuckle after she fell from a step ladder.
Last Saturday, my great aunt & uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a wonderful party. DD had so much fun with her cousin J - - they found a donation box filled with old glasses and they proceeded to try on every pair and give us a "fashion show." When it was time to leave, they hugged and vowed to see each other again soon (I hope so, too).

Sunday was the youth group omelet breakfast and bake sale. Lookie what I brought home!
Remember this? Well, now it looks like this:
And the chicken house has been "mysteriously" moved "out of the way." DH even strung an electrical line to the chicken coop so the girls have some warmth (plus, it keeps the water from freezing). My conventional farmer neighbor ("Big D") now thinks that I'm a hypocrite for "tricking" the hens into better egg production with extra light and heat. I'm just a proponent of happy chickens, that's all Big D. Yes, he officially has a blog nickname.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, y'all!

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