Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Getaway weekend

We had a nice getaway this past weekend. DH's former co-worker, Tom, got married in Owatonna (MN). DD stayed at Gramma Kay's and Tucker (the dog) stayed with Gramma Deb. Neighbor Laurie took care of the chickens. (Thanks, y'all!)

The wedding itself was probably the most unique I've ever been to (honestly, I haven't been to a lot of weddings). The ceremony was held in a small country church with about 30 guests. DH was the only person in a suit (including the bridal party). The groomsmen wore black slacks and white shirts with a teal Hawaiian tie. The bridesmaids wore teal peasant skirts, a silk chemise and a white big shirt. The bride wore a lovely candlight satin gown with beading and a veil. The groom wore a sage green shirt with a teal Hawaiian tie. The groom came into the sanctuary 15 minutes before the ceremony and played the harp (he is an AMAZING musician). The ceremony was short (25 minutes) and sweet with no solo or unity candle. No rice thrown as the couple left the church. The reception was held at the Eagles Club in Owatonna. No big cake, no dance. Just a very nice dinner with 80 or so guests. We were back in our hotel room by 8:30 pm. On Sunday, we enjoyed a beautiful walk through Kaplan's Woods and took the scenic route home. On the way, we stopped by Sugar Creek Farm. Matt & Kelli graciously took time from their Sunday dinner and visited for about half an hour - - they even sent some sweet potatoes home with us (yummy!). We picked up the dog and the kid and finally got home in time for Extreme Home Makeover. It's so nice to get away from it all every once in a while.

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