Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A little fall fun

DH and I celebrated our seventh anniversary on Monday! Wow, never thought I could commit to anything or anyone for that long. Must be a God-thing. Love ya, babe!
Mom came over last night and we had the last tomatoes of the season on blt's with homemade mac & cheese. DD has a Gooseberry Patch calendar/idea book and she found some "spider cupcakes" that she wanted to make. It was like Christmas with all the decorations and crazy ideas -- so fun!What's that on DD's face? Well, she got into a tussle with a table at daycare the other day and the table won. The inside of her mouth is all tore up, but she doesn't seem to be bothered by it too much. She ate lots of bacon last night, and didn't complain once about the salt getting into the sore. Ouch! She also has another ear infection, so she's on antibiotics. She had tubes put in years ago, but I think they're not as effective as they once were.

The trip to Vegas was pretty good. I don't really care to go back. Not sure why they promote it as a "family friendly destination." The only reason I would take DD there is to show her what NOT to do! Everything was very expensive. I got a great tan, though! Last one of the year; I really soaked up the sun! Suffice it to say, these guys were not my lunch dates (oh, how I wish):
Heading to Women of Faith in St. Paul this weekend with 15 ladies from our church. I'm really looking forward to that -- I'm needing a little spiritual pick-me-up.

This is what happens when "Dancing With The Stars" is on at Gracious Acres:

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Tracey Kendall said...

what a great post. You do look so tanned. i am so jealous as l sit here with my sweater and wool socks on. Those cupcakes are so cute. ithink l will make some like that with Alyssa this weekend. Hope your little girls face looks better soon. have a great week.