Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Flower Farm

Forget the chickens and the vegetable garden and the fledgling orchard, Gracious Acres will soon become a perennial farm. A good friend shared his amazing wealth of perennials with me recently and Saturday was "planting day." My mom and Uncle George came over in the morning and helped enlarge a bed . . . . . . planted more in the shade garden . . . . . . then neighbor Laurie came over in the afternoon and helped create this. . .. . . then I tore out old, overgrown perennials in the square bed and created this. . .
Fortunately, there was plenty to share with my awesome helpers.
We had a water line installed in the new building and this is what they left me with: DH says it will settle - - huh?!
Our solitary apple tree has produced the most gorgeous and tasty apples this year. They have a full, tart flavor (perfect for caramel apples!). I think their health is a result of having the chickens free range - - fertilizing the ground and eating the insects that normally devour the apples.

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Patti said...

Beautiful apples!! Rake that pile of dirt into a planting bed :):):):)