Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The sun sets on another political season

And what a night it was. Denise O'Brien had a substantial lead early on, but then eventually lost by only 2 points. The outcome certainly showed that Iowans are ready for a change in its agricultural policies and practices. Even though Denise didn't win the office of Secretary of Agriculture, I know she will continue to work for safe and healthy food, farms, and families. I'm so proud of what she brought to this race and that she kept her cool, even when she was being attacked and maligned by her opposition. That seemed to be a common practice during this political season and I'm happy to say that it's over.

Last night was also our first parent-teacher conferences. We received DD's report card last week and had a chance to review it before we met with her teacher. DD did very well and is "above grade level" in many areas. Okay . . . yes, I'm bragging a bit (that's my job!). We adore DD's teacher - - she's fair, patient, and challenges the kids to rise above. We're so lucky to have Mrs. H!

DH finished the exterior of the new building last week - - what a relief! He'll be spending most of his time inside the building now with insulation, drywall, and organizing all the tools.

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