Wednesday, June 07, 2006


This is what happened last night when I couldn't sleep:

The copper tag says "Together is a wonderful place to be."

I had a bunch of old data cd's that I couldn't bear to just throw away, so I made this mini album for my good friend. The "page" on the left bears the initial of the person(s) and then a photo goes on the right "page". Not quite sure how to punch a hole through all the cd's though. So, I just stapled ribbon between the pages to hold it all together.

I couldn't sleep because I was waiting on the results of the Democratic primaries - - our gal Denise O'Brien won the Secretary of Ag Nomination! I think she was totally shocked because her opponent raised a lot more money and had the "big name endorsements." Goes to show how powerful grass roots politics really are. Congrats Denise!

Finally got the sweet potato plants and some sweet onion sets in last night. It is sooooo dry here. My lawn, however, continues to grow and mock me. I have absolutely no time this week to mow, especially since DH is commuting 200 miles a day on top of working 12 hours in hot, dirty, greasy conditions (and hating it, by the way). Oh well, got one load of laundry in the washer this morning . . . maybe I should have been doing that last night. Oops...

There's a farmers market tomorrow in GC, but I think I'll save up so I can have more at Saturday's market in C. Decisions, decisions. I finally sat down to dinner last night at 9 pm: had a spinach and cheese omelet and then a little ice cream topped with strawberries. Here's where I scored BIGTIME in the Eat Local Challenge: the egg came from my chicken, the spinach and strawberries from my garden. Woo hoo!

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