Monday, June 19, 2006

Daddy's Home!

DH arrived home safely on Friday evening and DD and I were both very excited to see him. I put two beers in the freezer and prepared a shrimp cocktail. Had some Papa Murphy's pizza and life was very good.

Saturday morning we ran errands in M'town and then cleaned the house. Brought our power washer over to my G'ma's and helped her clean the patio - - what a difference some high-pressure water does! My new theory is that everyone in this world should own and use a power washer; the world would be a much better place!

My mom took DD overnight and DH and I went out for dinner and cruised around the State Park. Home and in bed by 10 pm - - aren't we such an exciting couple?!

Sunday, DH put on his Father Day gift (shorts, shirt & new leather sandals) and we were greeters at church. Everyone asked where DD was of course (still with her Grammy). Mom brought DD out to our house after church, we grilled hamburgers, and had a lazy afternoon (just the way Father's Day should be).

DH left at 4 am this morning for the week (his last week on this job). Phewwwww! Will be glad when he's home again!

As requested:

Savory Mashed Potatoes
6 potatoes, peeled, quartered
4 turnips, peeled, quartered
¼ cup butter
¼ cup garlic chives
¼ cup milk
Salt & pepper to taste.

Boil potatoes & turnips until tender. Drain and mash/whip with butter, milk, salt & pepper. Add milk for desired creaminess.

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