Monday, June 26, 2006

Bad girl!

So, you know I'm kind of a scrapbook nut, right? And, I've really gotten into this whole blogging thing, too. Well, I'm totally indulging myself at work right now by posting while having a QVC live feed on in the background. Granted, this is "officially my lunch hour", but I still feel a little naughty . . . my girl, Donna Downey, is on right now. Lisa Bearnson was on earlier. I haven't purchased anything (yet). Spent some time scrappin' with the girls this weekend in between work commitments for the big BBQ event. We had great weather at the event site, although everything around us was getting soggy and stormed out. DH and DD drove down to keep me company and we had a nice time eating kettle korn and funnel cakes and bbq; the music was fantastic (Tabb Benoit).

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