Friday, June 09, 2006

Barnyard Treats

The cats and chickens co-habitate nicely and they even share a pasta treat every now and then. Not sure why we ever installed the garbage disposal - - haven't used it in months!

I'm organizing a farmers market/art & craft fair tomorrow as part of the big town celebration. We have 21 vendors under two big tents plus live entertainment, car/motorcycle show, mini golf course, food, dog show, etc. Should be fun - - cross your fingers and pray for good weather!

My mom & gramma are at our farm today helping out - - gramma is working in the garden and mom is mowing the three acres. They are awesome for pitching in like this!

Major meltdown with DD last night: she is overtired and sun-sick (is that a word or an excuse for too much sun) and just had enough of late nights, early mornings, dad not being around (Mom's much bossier than Dad), and her new daycare has her swimming on Mon/Wed/Fri and field trips on the other days. She said some terrible things and I actually had to spank her for the first time in probably a year! I felt awful, but the behavior was beyond bad...oh the guilt.

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