Monday, April 02, 2007

Still here

No, I didn't have a total breakdown, but I have been busy! Had a birthday last week. DH planned a wonderful party with great food and wonderful friends. He really went all out - - he did all the planning, inviting, shopping, preparing, and worrying himself. What a guy!Wish Kelli was here for it - - she sent some yummies and pretties all for little 'ol me! She even put this graphic up on her blog (LOOOOOOOVE it!).
Even better, I got a wild hair to redecorate the house prior to the party. So, lots of wallpaper bits torn off (12 hours to strip the lower half and border), new paint on the walls and the dining room table (& six chairs), new seat covers for the chairs, light for the dining room, pillows and curtains and wall decor for the living room, etc. And DH put up with it all (mostly without complaint).
The ice storm and spring break really took a toll on my classes. We covered six chapters in anatomy in less than two weeks and my test is tonight...can I freak out yet?!

Some amazing clouds around our place the last couple nights:
And then there's Leah who, despite the gorgeous spring weather, desperately wants to be a house cat:

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sugarcreekfarm said...

That redecorating bug must be in the air - repainting the kitchen here! The dining room looks great!