Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring updating

In the garden, we'll have color in no time:
In the dining room, we've got some new sage/olive green walls and "re-newed" black distressed furniture:
This is a little WIP ("work in progress") that DH salvaged from a friend's shop (he was going to burn it - - oh the horror!). It was covered in dirt and old fuel oil cans. We've got a little more sanding to do before we put a light coat of stain and a little varnish on - - and it's good as new.
Quite the "sound & light" show last night with the house-shaking thunder & sharp lightning. Several waves of the spring storm came through all night long. Some waves of pouring rain, some with strong winds, and even a little hail. I think the farmers are chomping at the bit to get the fields dried out and get some planting done. I'm even getting a little impatient that I can't get the garden tilled (I should have peas & potatoes in by now!).


karl said...

we were at the very tip of that storm that just came through. now we are expecting freezing temperatures again.

Sonia said...

Just beautiful your dinning room!