Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A little pick me up

"Rooted" by Ann Whim Tseng

Warning: sappy stuff ahead!

Had a mini meltdown last night, but my DH was exactly what I needed him to be: just there with me, not solving my problems or handing out “I told you so”s. He gave me a little breathing room and then just stayed close to me, touched my arm at just the right time and listened intently, patiently. God, I love that man!

Just when I think it's time to get a little "pharmaceutical help", I can call him up and he's the thing that "takes the edge off" for me. He's my rudder in the middle of a storm, my compass when I'm lost. He keeps me rooted and encourages me to grow.

No matter what ails me, he's always better than what any doctor could order. Love ya, babe.


karl said...

kassi loved the clothes. so many princess outfits. thank you so much, we really appreciate the package.

vintagechica said...

So nice to hear someone else speak of their dh as their rock and their partner. So much of the nastiness out there. Hope things get a little better for you.