Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just because

Maybe it's this alternative blog universe that I have found myself in, but throughout the course of 1.5 years and 160-odd posts in Gracious Acres blogland I've found a lot of myself that I didn't even know was a part of me. So many ideas - - practical, spiritual, atistic, cultural - - to help me come to terms with many areas of my life. Some of my friends and family think this whole "blog thing" is just a fad, a trifle, a silly diversion; but to me, it's so much more.

Kelli has opened my eyes to so many possibilities and a wonderful new friendship, Christine has helped keep me grounded with amazing biblical perspective, Karl & Tabitha are so fun to observe (the far-end-of-the-spectrum-me), Christina shares many thoughts and emotions that I'm just not eloquent enough to write, Cathy's and DMG's sarcastic humor keeps it "real", and Jenny is the springboard for all things creative and expressive.

I've always had good intentions about keeping a journal . . . but never wrote more than three days before it went on the shelf for good. Scrapbooking was my passion for 4-5 years, but then it became more of an obligation to spend lots of money and inordinate amounts of time for some lame "happy" pages. But life is more than just the "happy pages"; it's about the confusing, frustrating, simple moments as well. Blogging is a way to get down to that. I'll admit that I tend to blog about "happy" things more than the other stuff, but...I digress.

Today, I am here to defend blogging and the good that it has done for me. Hooray for blogging. Ok, I'll get down from my silly soapbox now.

BTW, I'm in Dallas, TX right now (for work). Must say the weather was nicer in Iowa! And ("when in Rome"): "Howdy, y'all!"


vintagechica said...

Oh, you are about 30 min. away from "home" for me. My parents have a ranch just outside of FW. I will be there for a good visit in a few weeks. I can't wait.

karl said...

i feel the same way about blogging. i always wanted to keep a journal and never could. blogging must be like a cross between scrap booking and a journal. if you kept up scrap booking for four-plus years i hope to enjoy your trifle for some years to come.