Monday, April 16, 2007

What a difference a few days can make

Last week, we had awful weather that threatened any plant life that dared sprout. This week, it is gorgeous. Some plant life has hung on, but holding the bud close to the ground.
This new apple tree is just beginning showing some life.The Meteor cherry tree did not make it through the winter.

Leah is thrilled to have some nice weather again. She left a little gift (black bird with severed head) at the back door this morning.
The chickens enjoy dust baths under the pine wind break.
Don't you just love a blank canvas?
I've read about growing potatoes in straw (dig a trench, put the potato seed in and cover it all with straw). Anyone tried that? Do you think I could use half-composted chicken manure mixed with the straw?

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sugarcreekfarm said...

I've not tried the potatoes under straw, but one of our customers swears by it.