Monday, April 09, 2007

I could show you pictures of . . .

...all the stuff we did this weekend, like:
a powerful Good Friday church service and prayer vigils;
DH's shop with lots of fresh paint on the interior walls (note - - he did it all himself, thank you very much) *ahem*;
a clean house and no laundry piles;
my homework done two weeks ahead of schedule;
a lovely Easter meal with ham balls, baked potatoes, mixed veggies, rolls, angel food cake and cheesecake on my great-gramma's china - - my mom joined us;
a thrilled DD who was invited to sing with the Praise Team on Easter Sunday (she was a sing-ing!);
a very proud momma & papa who watched their daughter praising God with song;
a cleaned up yard (downed limbs from the ice storm and garden beds) with the whole family working together; and
a very grateful me for so many blessings.
But, there are no photos of this weekend, just lots of great memories and moments in my mind.

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karl said...

it sounds like you accomplished lots. a sense of accomplishment always makes me feel better about all the daunting tasks ahead of me.

when the kids are doing an extra cute activity i attempt to make a mental snapshot. ya know the kind that stays fresh like yesterday for years to come. i'm only about 25% successful--i keep trying though.