Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just be!

It's finally the weekend. Time to relax, catch up, just BE.

I brought home an old laptop from work to be our "game computer." I didn't even realize that you could play dvd's in it. Twenty bucks for this little life saver:
DH brought me flowers yesterday - - gorgeous blooms to brighten my day.
The "clean up crew" stopped by for some left-over chips, crackers, and popcorn:
Leah takes a cat nap on the stairs. She's a bit of the non-committal sort. Neither upstairs or downstairs. She's supposed to be an "outdoor cat," but we always let her in. I'm terribly allergic to cats, but she's just so sweet, I can't help it.
Snow . . . yes, snow!
Suspenders . . . yes, suspenders!

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