Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dog days of ... winter?

DD and I had an interesting science lesson in the car on the way to school this morning. We saw this amazing sunrise and the "sun dogs" that appeared shortly after. I actually sounded kinda smart as I was telling the hows & whys of sun dogs. She was so excited to tell her teacher.

Here's a little dog that I whipped up last weekend. I got the idea from here. My first experience sewing felt . . . um, don't try to put this on the sewing machine. It's a bugger to turn the ears out. Take the time to hand-sew it, trust me. His name is Casper and he's a happy, but mighty quiet little pup. He likes long walks along the end rows and dinners of scraps by the yard light. Casper doesn't have a very good sense of smell since he doesn't have a nose; hopefully, this farmgirl will fix that siutation shortly. Casper has also been whining about needing a little bell or dangly thing from his collar. Hmm...any ideas?
And, finally, I leave you with the other project I worked on this past weekend: the belated holiday card from our family. It's on light blue Bazzill cardstock, Microsoft word "art" for the greetings box, and a snowflake stamp in glittery silver in the center. I also used Rhonna Farrer "flourishes" stamp with silvery-blue ink on the back and on the envelopes.In keeping with the "dog" theme of this post, we were "dog tired" by the time this picture was taken (hee hee). I won't show post the picture of the backside of the card (it's stuff you already know if you come here often).
Have a doggone great day! [LOL - - stop, my sides are hurting!]

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