Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

"The Song of My Heart"

I've seen many posts on New Year's Resolutions the last few days. It seems that my resolutions are always the same: stop biting my nails, eat healthy, exercise more, etc. But this year, I plan to become a bit more philosophical about my life's resolve - - not just setting goals to achieve.

I resolve to find contentment in the everyday happenings here at Gracious Acres (the discussion about contentment here is inspiring). I resolve to make my life my own, not what someone else may think is appropriate or best. I resolve to treat each day and person and moment as a gift from God; I know it sounds cliche, but I really do take those things too much for granted. I resolve to let go of a little bitterness, resentment, and regret everyday until it is a miniscule memory (and not such heavy burdens). These are no trifle goals, but life-changing and God-inspired endeavors. Your prayers to this end are most appreciated.

New Year's Eve was spent with friends, food, home-made margaritas, games, and lots of laughter. The snow started falling at 7:30 and left just enough of a dusting for the kids to squeal with delight. Truly memorable.
When DD is eating popcorn, her best buddy (Tucker) hangs out with her and catches any dropped kernels.
Occasionally, she tries to gross us out by letting the dog eat a kernel from her mouth (just don't call DHS, it's all very harmless).

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Patti said...

I too am resolved to work the things you posted into my life. Very important goals in becoming who God ment us to be! Our Tucker(border collie) used to share my son's ice cream cones.:)