Thursday, January 11, 2007

Flip that house

DH and I are known for our home renovations. We lived in and remodeled four houses in six years. It's been a couple years since the last major renovation in our current home. Frankly, I'm going through a little withdrawal. I need my fix of power tools, paint samples, and projects.

A couple years ago, DH's mom found an old dollhouse at a garage sale and gave it to DD. She thought it would make a great family project. DH and DD painted the whole thing tan and put some color on the shutters. He also cut cedar shims for the shake shingles on the roof (so very cool). We had some mismatched "vintage" furnishings and felt for carpet. After seeing this and this, I knew I had found my "winter renovation project."

Last night, I found some yellow paint that we used in the guest room and used some of my craft paint for the trim, shutters, and door. I need to go in and clean up a few spots on the trim, but you get the general idea. I so wish I would have taken the "before" pictures of the exterior.
I feel good about this little project because I don't need major power tools, expensive furniture or hours of labor to accomplish something meaningful. The hour or two it took me to repaint the doll house was rewarded with a huge hug and kiss from my DD (well worth it). I look forward to spending many hours with her creating ingenious little "scenes" and interiors for this little house. We're already talking about adding a "yard" for the gardens and chicken house. Hee hee - - a girl after my own heart!


sugarcreekfarm said...

How cute! I had a dollhouse like that when I was growing up and spent hours arranging the rooms. My grandma was so clever, helping me make furniture out of milk caps, sponges, etc. Hmmm, I think I need to go retrieve my dollhouse out of Mom's storage room!

Patti said...

Very Cute!!!