Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Advent activities

The Advent activities have been a huge hit so far. Sometimes we have to improvise - - today is day 5 and I just realized that we're the only family in the North American continent that doesn't own the "Twister" game (what the . . .?). My DH has a huge collection of board games, but not Twister? Hint, hint Grammy D!

Last night was "give each other crazy hairstyle" night and I conveniently had a late meeting in town. Here's one hairstyle:

Yes, those are pipe cleaners and jingle bells in her hair! We get quite creative with the art supply box.

I've been forbidden to reveal DH's darling 'do (he stated it was grounds for the big D) . . . I'll just let you use your imagination and tell you that I about peed my pants when I found the picture he took of himself!

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