Sunday, December 17, 2006

Catching up ... again

Sunday afternoon...finally a time to rest and reflect on the busy-ness of the past week or two. I'm tired. We have both been working lots of hours; early morning meetings, late meetings & presentations, social gatherings, etc. With the movie "Holiday Inn" in the background, Leah (the cat) and I sit in front of the computer to ponder...
Last Sunday was DD's Christmas program in church (she's on the far right in the burgundy velvet dress). She had two little verses memorized.
DH's Sunday School class (Jr. High) had a big part in the program (they were the "Weird Angels") and it was very cute.
DD's new "crush" and his wonderful parents came over for chili on Thursday. He's such a ham!
Friday was my office Christmas party - - pizza at Zeno's (the local favorite).

Yesterday, we got a wild hair to go down to the Des Moines Farmers Market since it was 56 degrees outside. It's quite a drive, but well worth it - - lots of great vendors! We purchased some locally made cheese (Maytag blue and smoked baby swiss), a new t-shirt (don't ya love it?!)We ate lots of yummy food (honey crisp apples, crab rangoons, cheddar popcorn, Dutch letters). Oh my!
We've had wonderful egg production with the warm weather of late - - our cartons overfloweth!

Last night, we had a Country Friends Holiday Progressive Dinner. Some of our town and country friends (8 couples) started with hors d'oeuvres at Linda's, then dinner at Laura's (with Ellen as co-hostess), and dessert at our home. We ended the night with 10 of us sitting in our little den around the corn stove telling crazy stories.
The "hostesses with the mostesses": l to r Linda, Laura, me & Ellen

DD went to stay with Grammy D last night - - they went to "Flushed Away" and both loved it!
Our pastor is gone this week, so I gave the message at church this morning. It was a wonderful service with many "lay leaders" involved in the worship service. To DH's mom's after church. Now, DD and DH gave me a couple hours of peace & quiet - - they went caroling with the church's praise team.
Hope you all have a wonderful week before Christmas; may the gracious spirit of Jesus be in your heart!

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