Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas crafts

Here's two craft projects I've been working on:
1. Holiday Journal - - saw the idea up in Alexandria, MN and loved the concept. Hopefully, I will actually use it, rather than "save it for a special occasion."
2. Advent activities jar - - we don't have a traditional Advent calendar (although someday, I would love to make a fabric-quilt-with-pockets-with-numbers-stitched-on-them version). For now, this is what we're using to count down to Christmas.
Got lots of the ideas for activities from Kiddley and adjusted it to our schedule (and climate). I just printed out the list and cut apart the days.

1. Have an indoor picnic
2. Christmas in Conrad celebration
3. Watch a holiday movie – DD's choice
4. Give everyone crazy hairstyles
5. Play Twister
6. Go out for Chinese
8. Write letters to Santa Claus
9. Watch a holiday movie - Mom’s choice
10. Tour of Christmas decorations (don’t forget the hot chocolate)
11. Make decorations for the tree
12. Have a camp out around the Christmas tree
13. Make s’mores
14. Fancy dress for dinner time
15. Wrap a toy and take it to a charity Christmas tree
16. Make handmade gift tags for relatives
17. Make sock puppets and tell a story
18. Make tree & star shaped pasta for dinner
19. Dance like crazy to music
20. Have breakfast for dinner
21. Have hot chocolate with all the fixings
22. Star gazing
23. Watch a holiday movie – Dad’s choice
24. Special Christmas Eve treat TBA

What would your activities look like? What special things do you do to celebrate Advent?

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