Monday, December 25, 2006

On Christmas Morn'

Last night we went to G'ma K's where Santa made a special visit:
DD was thoroughly amused
She received an ornament that says: "Grace - Angel of Promise." Look at that face . . .
This morning, DH and I were up before six and sat in front of the fire sipping coffee before the chaos started. DD woke up and opened presents from Santa, Mommy & Daddy & Grammy D. Daddy made her an easel - - she loved it!
Great Gramma G joined in, too.
And my DH "enabled" my photo habit:
He also got me "Rural Renaissance" and lots of cool stuff.
This is my lil' Bro and his girlfriend, "Dubbya". She's very sweet and she has a cabin on a lake, so we'd like to keep her around for a while (hint, hint lil bro!)
Lovin' the new camera lens - - I can spot and shoot all sorts of "wild" life.
And, of course, the girls enjoyed a Christmas treat and want to wish everyone a very clucky Christmas and happy new year!

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