Wednesday, December 27, 2006


If I make typos in this post, it's because I'm wearing gloves . . . because my office has not had heat for two days! I "complained" yesterday and they blew me off saying "you women are always cold." Needless to say, that did not go over well. Then today, my office mate complained and, lo and behold, the maintenance guy discovered that the blower motor was out. Jeesh! I'm not crazy or cold blooded or some looney gal with a grudge against the maintenance crew. I just want to work without gloves and coat and scarf!

DH is home on break until January 10th. He'll be busy working in the new shop. His teenage nephew is supposed to be helping today - - DH decided to put OSB (chipboard) on the wall instead of drywall (OSB will take more abuse and it's a lot cheaper). The 4 x 8 sheets of OSB are heavy and cumbersome and not a good job for one person. So, hopefully, his strapping young nephew will be a blessing.

DD desperately wants to stay home to "help" Daddy. Alas, she's going to play all day with her friends at daycare. DH picked her up early yesterday so they could spend some time together. He made the BEST scalloped potatoes & ham for supper last night. I had two helpings and took the leftovers to work today (I don't need to refrigerate them, I can just sit them in my office - - hee hee).

I made bread pudding for Christmas day brunch, but no one really wanted to try it. I even had mixed berries and homemade whip cream to go on top. So, we've been enjoying that treat for a couple days - - YUMM! I also tried a new egg casserole recipe (that calls for 18 eggs!) and it was light and fluffy; I added diced ham, shredded monterey & cheddar, and shredded smoked swiss on top. It was a hit!

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karl said...

yum, scalloped potatoes.