Monday, November 13, 2006

She . . .

Reads! DD is really enjoying learning to read. She has the vintage "Dick/Jane/Sally" book and can read the whole thing. She's sooooo proud!
Eats! DD loves her veggies! We had green beans for dinner tonight and when she asked for seconds, she asked for the "rest of the bowl . . . you don't want any, do you Mom & Dad?"

Spots wildlife! DD pointed out a small group of deer on the edge of town the other day. They stood still until I reached for the camera.
LOVES going to the Festival of Trees with her Grammy! She was enamored with the Subway (sandwich) tree last year - - she talked about it every time a Subway commercial came on tv (now that's great brand identity!). DD stayed with her Grammy D on Saturday night; they went to see "Flicka" and to church together on Sunday. I met up with them Sunday afternoon and we all went to the GC Festival of Trees.

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karl said...

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