Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Catching up

Just a few things to report and a few photos to share:

Thanksgiving was extremely low-key this year. My mom shared the holiday with us and DH's family. We went to DH's sister's for Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of kids and food and fun (as usual). I'm a little more than embarrassed to tell you that the feast was not as "local" as I would have liked. My family and DH's family don't really share our views when it comes to eating locally. All that aside, it was a very nice time. DD was so busy playing with all her cousins, she didn't even get in the "family" picture!
The day after Thanksgiving is always reserved for decorating. Forget the whole "black Friday" thing . . . you will not find me getting crushed amidst the ridiculous over-commercialization of this sacred holiday. No way. Anyhoo . . . we have four Christmas trees [yes, 4]. I usually put all four up, but this year, I've adopted the philosophy "if I don't feel like it or don't really enjoy doing it, then I'm not gonna do it." I'm a much happier person for it (despite my surly demeanor towards DH when he tried to "help" by bringing down all the boxes from the attic). We put up the big tree in the dining room. It's decorated with burgundy and gold - - the same thing I've had for the last eight years. One of the smaller trees is usually decorated with homemade ornaments or memorabilia. I have a feeling that one of these nights, DH and DD will put it up for fun.

We've had some really crazy weather here lately - - 64 and sunny on Monday. It was great because the chickens thought they needed to lay eggs again (you go, girls!). Today it's 28 and overcast and wet - - yuck! And, you guessed it, the hens have not laid one egg today! I would love to just get some real snow! You know, "the weather outside is frightful/but the fire inside's delightful/but since we've nowhere to go/let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" kind of snow? Bring it on!

Very sad news today. Our long-time (14+ years) Main Street director passed away after two years battling with cancer. She was well-respected and loved in our little community and I hope you will pray for her family.

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