Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's called "Labor Day" for a reason

As many of you know, there is rarely a time when there is nothing to be done on a farm (no matter how small it is). Especially during long weekends. Such was the case at Gracious Acres this weekend.

DH checked several things off his list this weekend by getting the new corn stove installed. We stoked it up last night and sweated just to enjoy the "first fire of the season." It will be so nice to have that going this winter!

He also accomplished a lot out at the workshop, getting trim on the windows and doors, "skinning" it with metal coil stock (never needs paint!), and getting a good start on the siding.

The lawn had to be mowed . . . again. I guess we're finally paying for not having to mow during the month of June! It would be so bad if the belt on the blades didn't break half way through the job. Thankfully, we have a "standby" riding mower.

Sent these to my friend (the mother of the twin boys) and I got a nice call from her on Sunday as she was walking through Central Park in NYC.

I figured the boys needed something "countrified" being in the big city & all. I made the monogram placards from paper scraps & tied them with ribbon so they can be hung on a hook, doorknob, or corner of the crib. Fun little project.

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