Friday, September 22, 2006

This calls for a federal holiday

The price of gas in Bondurant, Iowa yesterday at 4:45 pm. Yippee. Yes, I filled 'er up.

DH and DD are heading to the lake this weekend. DH's mom sold the cabin there and they're going up to help her close it up. I know it will be a sad time for them (so many wonderful memories were made there), but I pray that we can all find a new place to make many more memorable moments.

Add "record producer" to my credits. This project for work has really come a long way! I'm thrilled with the talent of the local performers we have on our holiday music sampler cd. So far, we have a rock band, a string quartet, a bluegrass band, Sweet Adelines, Men's Chorus, barbershop quartet, a guitar & violin duet, and the community band. It ROCKS! We will wrap up the recording on October 3rd and send it off to be mastered and then reproduced in Texas. It will be on the shelves by mid-November...whew!

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sugarcreekfarm said...

Wow, we're still at 2.17 today!