Monday, April 03, 2006


Thanks for all the nice comments on my b'day post and seedling advice. I had a wonderful birthday - lunch with a friend at a fabulous Mexican restaurant and dinner with DD and DH at the local (and my favorite) steakhouse. The next day, however, I was flat on my back with a horrible cold. The kind of sickness where you can't even get out of your pj's. Yes, I did chicken chores in my pj's (twice).

Was feeling a little better on Saturday, so we went to a couple fireplace stores and are now the proud owners of a Quadrafire corn-burning stove.
We played a big joke on DD for April Fool's Day. I painted pink, purple, green & blue polkadots on a white hardboiled egg and put it in the nest box. When DD and I went out to get the eggs, she was so excited about her "unique" egg and we spent several perplexing hours trying to determine which chicken could lay such an egg. Finally, I told her it was an April Fool joke - - she was NOT happy. She thought it was the worst April Fool's Day joke ever and once again, I was "bad Mommy." Oh well . . . the kid has GOT to learn to take a joke.

On Sunday, the community youth group held an omelet brunch with silent and live auction. Our friends, Nile & Gloria, gave DD $26 to bid on anything she wanted. She proudly purchased a strawberry cream pie; she held up her little fist full of money and really got into it. So, we invited Nile & Glo over for dinner to celebrate (and share the pie).
We also had a visit from a French PhD student at Iowa State University. Neighbor Laura and I met her at the Farm Bill forum last week and she came up here to tour Laura's farm and then stopped by our place on her way home. She was a lovely woman who seemed genuinely interested in Gracious Acres. She showed us pictures of her beautiful farm in southwest France - - it was just as I had imagined it! An old stone two-story house with fabulous gardens and picturesque scenery . . . when can I come visit?!

By the way, does anyone know what these things are? Farmer Don brought two of these over and I have no clue what to do with them . . .


Farm Wife said...

Love the stove and the April Fools Trick! I'll have to do that to Husband soon!

As for your new farm contraptions, all I know is that the wooden slats on the sides look just like the roosts on our nesting boxes. I'll show Husband the pic tomorrow and see what he thinks.

Farmer said...

I think it is a shelter for piclets. Used for open air hold of sows.
Here in Denmark we use wooden shelters, but I think these are for the same use.

This Pastor's Wife said...

My husband said there is a roost on the side. From what he can figure you place the open end against the wall. Does it have a slant to it? He says there are some chicken nests which when the hens lay, the eggs roll back away from them so they don't eat them. That would be the small flap you can open and supposedly collect your eggs safe and sound. That's his best guess.