Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chicken Whisperer and Other Rural Legends

This past week . . .
We learned that DD has a special gift of speaking to the hens in their favorite language: popcorn and Ritz Crackers.

I can actually use power tools without my husband present. Brett started this deck project last week and I finished it (well, almost - - DH has to put the face pieces on).

North porch before:

North porch after:

I have WAY too much garden space (6000 s.f.) to maintain this summer:

Dead trees make great logs for fun summer bonfires:

The miracle of spring is a gift from God:

My little girl is growing up too fast. We "experimented" with the training wheel's on her bike and got some great results. That night, DD dreamed that she got on her bike all by herself and rode without our help...she couldn't tell if it was real or not.


Farm Wife said...

I'm beyond impressed with the deck! That rocks!

And how sweet is DD with her flock? Our chickens would've pecked her all up. Your ladies must be very well behaved.

And I love the bike picture! How old is she? I want to get Baby Girl a bike for her birthday, but I'm not sure she's ready...

Gracious Acres said...

The chickens are quite "domesticated" - - even when they free range, they go inside and lay eggs in their nest box and at sundown, they all go inside to roost (no chicken wrangling/herding necessary).

DD will be 5 on May 5th. She's been riding with the training wheels for about a year.

Farm Wife said...

She's nearly 1 month older than Baby Girl (she'll be 5 on June 6th). So far she's only had a trike. It wasn't of much intrest, so we haven't moved on to a "big girl" bike. I think maybe for her birthday...

BTW, Baby Girl loves the pic of DD and her bike!