Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What the . . . ?!

Last night, I pulled in the driveway to discover three hens happily pecking in the grass outside of the chicken tractor! I was a bit nervous that there were only three - - what happened to the other three. DH's truck was also in the driveway, but where was he and DD? I was truly in a state of terror. I looked inside the henhouse to discover the other three safely inside . . . so . . . how did the other three get out?

DD runs outside and breathlessly tells me that when she and DH got home, they were all out and that the door to the henhouse was wide open.

Me: "Okay . . . where's your Dad?!" The only thing I could think of at that point was that he was lying on the ground somewhere in the cornfield or tree line dying of a heart attack from chasing chickens.

DD: "Oh, Dad's inside making spaghetti..."

Me: "Okay . . ."

DH then saunters outside and the three of us quickly corral the three deviant hens and I breathe a BIG sigh of relief. Not sure how long they had been out, but they seemed to survive just fine. DH then emerges from the garage with some power tools to "fix that !@#$% door." Problem solved.

We had a lovely Sunday evening with friends over to work on some Praise Group plans and a Mother's Day power point presentation. The kids had a ball running around outside (complete with six adults chasing one poor hen that escaped).

This picture is worth a thousand words about the value of living in the country:

On Sunday afternoon, Cousin Angie came out to visit and she brought DD two crazy chicken hats and egg-shaped chalk. I took a couple pictures only to discover that I didn't have the card in the camera (duh!). Angie really got into the whole thing and wore the hat while DD showed her around the farm and the house. Too cute!

Life is good. God is good.


Farm Wife said...

Husband let about 15 chickens out the other day in an effort to corral a goat. I hate chasing chickens. We have a few that come and go at will. Inevitably they go back to roost in the safety of the pen before sundown.

This Pastor's Wife said...

This picture is worth a thousand words about the value of living in the country

Yes, very nice. It looks so very relaxing and just plain wonderful.

Brad Bachelor said...

I hate chasing chickens as well. I made a chicken hook out of a broom handle and a coathanger. Bend the hanger in a v so you can catch a chickens leg and the foot won't slip through (similar to a shepards crook). drill a small hole in the broom handle and epoxy the hanger in there. I can catch them by myslf with a lot less effort.