Monday, April 17, 2006

A Very Happy Easter, Indeed

Friday was the day to decorate Easter eggs. This was all DH's idea - - I tend to get a little uptight about the dye spilling and staining the table, stained hands for Easter, etc. DH is much more adventurous and lets DD help with almost every project (using the power screwdriver, helping cut up apple slices, and so on). He keeps a very watchful eye, mind you, but I simply have to leave the room.
Yes, that's the chicken hat that Cousin Angie gave DD last weekend...too cute!

The eggs looked a little different this year since we used our own brown eggs instead of store bought white eggs. Still very lovely...

My mom was over and we sat outside enjoying the perfect, sunny, calm, warm weather.

Saturday was windy, but we still ventured out for a motorcycle ride with some friends. We ended up at my favorite Mexican restaurant for a couple Modelo Especiales accompanied by authentic & delicious food. Had a blast and the weather held out . . .

. . . until Saturday night when the wind threatened to blow everything to bits. We have never had that kind of wind out there! We went to the basement about 2:30 am. We lost some shingles and small branches; the wind was so strong that it pushed our big gas grill across the patio and tore the skin off the back storm door!

Sunday morning began with the sewer backing up into the basement, causing a few tense moments in our household. DH's wisdom and skill saved the day when he quickly discovered the clog in the clean out trap. In order to get DD ready for church and a nice Easter dinner on the table by 12:30, however, I stayed home from church. DD looked adorable in her new outfit:

I was still able to listen to a beautiful church service on the radio as I prepared a 15 lb turkey, mashed potato bake, corn casserole, rolls, a strawberry shortcake dessert, and set the table.

My great-grandmother's china on an antique damask table cloth:

My mom and grandma G were our guests and we enjoyed a very nice dinner. Grandma stayed for a few hours and we talked over tea. DH took a well-deserved rest and I made DD's birthday invitations. The weekend was topped off with cold turkey sandwiches (yum!), Funniest Home Videos, Extreme Makeover, and Desperate Housewives (my guilty pleasure).


sugarcreekfarm said...

We were up at 2:30 Saturday night as well! (After going to bed at 1:00) I woke up the kids and we all slept in the living room the rest of the night.

Farm Wife said...

I"m glad you survived your storms. Things were hairy to our north, but we just had a little wind.

I love your pictures. How wonderful to be able to set a tabe with your Grandma's's beautiful. And so is DD! I love her pink and green! She looks like a flower.

Patti said...

Beautiful Daughter, Beautiful dinning room!!!! Blessings..Patti
P.S. :(:( I want a chicken hat...

Des_Moines_Girl said...

Love the chicken hat! Beautiful place setting!!!

This Pastor's Wife said...

Unfortunately I get uptight with any little "helpers" in the kitchen, period. Thankfully though Daddy is the opposite in that respect.

I'm glad to hear you had a great weekend. DD looks as though quite the elegant young lady in her Easter dress. It's nice though to have those let your hair down chicken hat days of youth too. Very cute.

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