Thursday, March 30, 2006

Me at 33

I really don't like photos taken of me, but today is a special occasion: it's my 33rd birthday. Although I'm not big into birthdays, its a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future. So, for the sake of posterity, here's a mini-inventory of my life today:

What I love about my life: being a mom to Amazing DD; having a talented and sensitive DH; being a farmgirl at heart; having wonderful friends, family and neighbors to share my life with; meeting new farmgirl friends who share my passions.

What I don't love about my life: my silly insecurities, the fact that it's all going too fast, my impatience with people, the fact that I don't send enough cards to show people how much I'm thinking/praying/caring about them, my guilt over not scrapbooking since I spend so much time & energy blogging.

My favorite foods: I know I should say something about fruits & vegetables here, but the truth is that I'm a junk food junkie - - Doritos, Little Debbies, Mt. Dew, turtle candies, popcorn, peanut M&M's, steak dinner from That Place on the Corner. I really like a big salad with mixed greens, mushrooms, bacon/ham, hardboiled egg, and ranch dressing, too.

Music I'm into: U2, Michael Buble, Diana Krall, Fallout Boys, Green Day

Guilty pleasure: blogging; sitting in the comfy chair my dining room nook on a sunny day doing absolutely nothing; sitting in the henhouse listening to their "conversation".

I usually find myself thinking about: How to start an on-farm market; what home improvement project should be next; God's will for my life.

What I regret: No regrets - - I learned a lot from my mistakes.

My favorite childhood memory: any time with my Grampa Carbo; driving to Lake Pepin with my mom in a little Chevy Citation; being able to ride my bike all over town (pop. 500).

Most admired childhood heart-throb: Rick Springfield, Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), Mr. Fox (seriously - he was my middle school English teacher - so hot).

Okay, so I'm LOL at all the memories flooding my little brain. This was a fun exercise. Is this what's considered a "meme"? If so, feel free to do one yourself . . .


Farm Wife said...

Hope it's a great one! Don't tell me you took that picture at 5:30 am. I may have to jump off a bridge!

This Pastor's Wife said...

Happy Birthday!

Re: my guilt over not scrapbooking since I spend so much time & energy blogging.

I felt this way too, until I realized that I was journaling my family's life. If you haven't done so already ... print your blog entries out, place them in plastic slip sheets, and keep them safe in a 3 ring binder. Ta-da ... you have a scrapbook/journal! My husband and kids enjoy getting mine out and browsing through the past.

sugarcreekfarm said...

Hey, Happy Birthday my friend! I think you should have one of everything on that junk food list today. (Now I'm hungry.)

And ditto Caroline...that's why we scrapbook chicks like to blog - cuz it's like an online scrapbook. So no guilt, and no paper & glue to clean up!

farmgirl said...

A Very Happy Birthday To You! May this day and every day be filled with joy, love, and lots and lots of laughter.

P.S. Wonderful photo!

Patti said...

You,my dear, are an absolutly beautiful lady!! Enjoy eacha nd every day the Good Lord give you because one day you'll wake up and your 50:):) Blessings...