Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Quiet please

The buzzing of saws, the hammering, drilling, shuffling, sanding, and dusting that's going on right now in our office space is getting to be a bit much for me. Sure, I love all that noise when it's in my house, the prospect of trying to work and talk on the phone is more than even I can handle.

I'm a girl who likes quiet. My DH, on the other hand, likes to fall asleep to the sound of talk radio or a fan whirring. I cannot. I guess that falls under the ever-growing column of my neurotic tendencies. It's enough to deal with all the voices inside my head, let alone ambient noise!

Lots of ambient noise around me right now, and not just the kind that registers on a decibel meter. My soul is troubled, my heart fears. I've been known to worry things into existence, but these concerns are real. I'm not even sure what to pray for, but I keep praying. The Lord is always near.

DD lost another tooth this morning. Last night at dinner, it was tethered in her mouth by the tiniest piece of skin. I was scared that she would swallow it in her sleep . . . the tooth fairy doesn't leave money for those, you know! This morning, she warily came into the bathroom and asked me if I would pull it. I picked up a damp washcloth, and swiftly and painlessly pulled the sucker out. She was very relieved -- as was I.


squire said...

After driving all day ( I seldom listen to the radio), I have trouble with "noise". Plus I am a light sleeper.

karl said...

it's 4:00 am here and i laughed so loudly at the voices in your head comment i thought i woke the kids. i have been overwhelmed by too much noise lately. although, i think i've contracted what tristan had for the past few days. illness makes me much less tolerant. i hope you can get some peace and quiet soon.