Friday, March 02, 2007

Round Two

March is officially in like a lion! The second big storm hit last night with fierce wind and heavy snow. The snow was still blowing so hard this morning that I couldn't get pictures of the chicken house surrounded by 3-4 foot drifts. School was cancelled for both DH and DD, so they are home and safe. I ventured 20 miles to work down a state highway where parts of the southbound lane are covered in drifts of snow so high you have to take your life in your hands by driving in the opposite lane. My knuckles are still white.

Why go in to work on a day like this, you ask? Because it gets me closer to Des Moines so I can see these guys tonight with some girlfriends. We're staying at a hotel across the street from the concert venue, so we won't have to drive home afterwards. Woo hoo!! Love me some music.

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