Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring Fever

I found this picture from last summer and it makes me absolutely ache for spring.

Not that I'm looking forward to mowing the "front 40" every week, but just the feel of the sun on my shoulders, finding any excuse to be outside with DD, getting my hands dirty, communing with nature - - it's intoxicating!

Trying to convince DH that the trees you see in the background (flowering plums) need to be replaced with fruit trees (apple, cherry, pear, plum) and berries. He's not the kind of guy to yank a tree out of the ground on purpose, so this task will require my best lobbying skills.

DH put up the grow lights for me this weekend; he's a bit miffed because I made a pretty big deal about needing them as soon as possible but I haven't planted one single seed yet. High Hopes Gardens says it's too early. Not So Virtual Homestead already has several planted. What's a wannabe farmgirl to do?

I wandered into Thiessens (a farm supply store) yesterday and made a bee-line to the poultry supply section to see if they had their chick display. It's all ready to go, but the chicks won't be delivered until today. I asked the gal at the counter a lot of questions and she was so helpful, patient and nice. I did pick up the Hobby Farms magazine (a waste of $5) and a long sleeve t-shirt that has a cool "farmgirl" logo in red (will post photo tomorrow).

Carpooling with DH lately to save a few bucks on gas. It's only a day or two a week, but its a nice excuse to spend an extra hour together.


RIP Posts said...

Where is spring??? They say we might see a little of it this weekend (Detroit,Michigan)...Lets pray for spring to get here soon before the darkness of the winter totally brings us down!! I am taking my spring break at home in Florida with my daughter...at least I'll be able to escape for a week and revive my mind. God bless you and your family!! You have a very nice blog.

sugarcreekfarm said...

Well, if HHG says it's too early then I don't feel so bad about not getting my cabbage seeds started last weekend like I wanted. Can't wait to see the farmgirl shirt!

This Pastor's Wife said...

Deciding to pull an otherwise fine tree out to replace it with another ... even if it is a fruit tree ... would be extremely difficult. We planted a dozen apple trees last year, but unfortunately drought claimed half of them. We also planted weeping willows, maples, and a plum.
Fortunately the only trees we've had to take out so far are dead ones, but there's enough of those around to keep us busy for awhile.

I love the picture. I can't wait to see some green and get the mower going myself. I can smell the fresh cut lawn already.

Farm Wife said...

Check out Arbor day foundation. We got good trees from them and they're guaranteed for life. 3 of mine died and they replaced them no questions asked.
I'm jealous of your mower! I don't mow, but that one would get Husband done in half the time!

Gracious Acres said...

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for the compliment. I'm a little jealous about your Florida trip, but I'm so happy that DH and I will be building the chicken/garden shed during our Spring Break! Priorities, ya know?!

Hey, Kelli. Just ordered a few more seeds to fill those empty flats. The shirt photo is in 3/8's blog entry. They have several more funny farm girl shirts - - I should start a collection!

Welcome Caroline - - I think there's enough room in that front yard for all the trees to "just get along." Sorry to hear about the drought; I worry about that too.

Hi Farmwife - not to brag, but there's a Dixon riding mower and a push mower in the garage, too. Thanks for the Arbor Day Foundation reference, I'll be checking it out.