Friday, February 24, 2006

What a week!

Photos from the past week:
DH is trying his hand at sewing together squares made from old jeans and flannel shirts -- the finished quilt will be incredibly warm and durable. I give him a lot of credit for embarking on this project (and he only asked for help with the sewing machine once!).Gramma Kay bought this funky rasta-fari-looking hat for DD on Sunday (the attitude was added at no extra charge!). She puts it on every night when she gets home and practically struts around the house...too cute.DD wanted to wear a dress to school Wednesday, so we took the opportunity to capture a few good photos "all dressed up" (Tucker wanted in on the fun, too).Card sharks: DD and my mom are trying to beat DH, my gramma, and me during a game of Skip Bo before dinner last night. Mom left for Alabama this morning and her dog is staying with us for a couple days (Tucker is more than happy for the "playdate").
Icicles at dusk.
Can you tell that I just adore my new camera?!


Nail Bender said...

Hi dear

Nail Bender said...


Nail Bender said...

D.H. should be building you a oak chicken coop with tile floors and a water coller, p.s. maybe the quilt he's making goes inside the coop to keep the chickens warm.
Ha, Ha Have fun with it. What a Man!

Nail Bender said...

build it and they will come.

Gracious Acres said...

As you can see from the comments above, my DH has finally figured out how to patient, he knows not what he does...I have created a monster

This Pastor's Wife said...

My husband helped me create my first quilt. I cut the pieces then he helped me coordinate the color pattern. I sewed and he ironed ... it was great.

BTW ... I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing.