Tuesday, February 14, 2006

True test of a marriage

When I dare to tell people that we have remodeled four houses in the six years we've been married, they cringe and look for the nearest straightjacket to put us in. There's certainly some strange motivation for destruction in me and an urge for creative renovation in my DH.

When I say remodel, I mean total gut jobs - - kitchen, bath, refinished floors, etc. I've learned a lot in the process - - mostly that I don't know a lot. My DH is generally patient as I try to explain my ideas and then he has to figure out a diplomatic response as to why we can't do it the way I want. But we're still married, so I guess that says something about how well we work together.

It's been almost a year since our last large project and I guess I'm going through a bit of withdrawal. So I got my "fix" by looking through the photo album and reminiscing about our last two projects.
Owatonna kitchen before: seafoam green walls, harvest gold appliances, horrific lighting and flooring, blonde oak cabinets.

Owatonna kitchen after: cherry custom cabinets, copper hardware and lighting, tile floor, can lighting, black appliances . . . cool!

Gracious Acres kitchen before: built-in/falling out cabinets, vertigo stripe wallpaper, worn linoleum, four doorways

After: oak cabinets, brass hardware, tile floor, lots of counter space, one less doorway and one happy farmgirl!


Nail Bender said...

The carpenter on this project wants to thank his wife and father for the love and skill and hard work they put into all our projects.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Hi, me again.

You guys do awsome work! My husband and I are still fixing up our house after being here for 2 years. I totally understand your "remodeling bug."