Monday, December 05, 2005

Let It Snow!

Lots of snow this weekend, scary travels, and peaceful moments. Started snowing Thursday (4 inches). Snowed again Friday night and all day Saturday. No wind, so it piled in the driveway. Very cold temps (-17 this morning).

Kay and I had planned to go to Waterloo Saturday, but only made it to Grundy Center (and got all of our shopping done there). By the time we got back to Beaman (1 pm), the roads were nasty. We headed back to the farm and stayed put. I strapped on the cross-country skiis and traveled up and down the landing strip - - blazing a new trail not as fun as a well-established one. Tucker ran circles around me the whole way. Brett and Grace were busy baking raisin bread and sweet chex mix.

Sunday morning was sunny and the snow sparkled like diamonds in the front yard. I had Lay Speaker class in Hudson in the afternoon and Mom made a wonderful meal of homemade beef & vegetable soup (with klutches, of course), crescent rolls, and ice cream sandwiches.

Some busy weeks ahead with holiday parties and work activities. Thank God for this time of year to reflect on our many blessings and be grateful for His Son's birth and saving grace!

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