Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Of Christmas & Chickens

I finally had a chance to hold a chicken on Friday! To most people this would be a "so what" or "ewww, gross" moment. To me, it's a goofy, life-long dream, Martha Stewart moment. The good people of Sugar Creek Farm were kind enough to endure two hours worth of questions on basic animal husbandry, farm building & equipment needs, and the pros & cons of sustainable ag. By the way, the chicken was a beautiful white silkie ... gotta get some of those! DH's favorite was Jimmy the polish (?) with a big feather "cap." Very amusing how Matt was able to rock it to sleep - - now dh is intent on being able to do it himself!

On the way home from Osage, we stopped in Parkersburg at a couple of wonderful shops (Bluestem Winery & Art Gallery and Stewarts Antiques). The lady at Stewarts was so sweet - - she gave Grace two little dolls and gave me two books. I found a beautiful vintage ivory damask tablecloth ($7) and a galvanized 10-nest laying box! She asked what I was going to do with the nesting box and I told her, "put chickens in it, of course!" She says, "I'm not sure about you people." ;)

Christmas Eve was spent with Ken & Kay and 36 of our nearest and dearest in Beaman. Candlelight service in Conrad at 7:00 pm, and then my mom came to stay overnight with us. Grace was up by 7:30 on Christmas morning. She was SO excited about her skiis (dh made her a beautiful pair of oak cross country skiis that are just her size). He also made her a dressing table/desk for her room. My brother (Uncle Cole) went crazy with Grace's gifts this year: Barbie pet doctor, tea set, more Barbies, pom poms with dance music built in, etc! She had a ball! Gramma Geneen came over for brunch (omelets with farm fresh eggs & ham and homemade blueberry oatmeal muffins). To Marshalltown in the afternoon for Gramma Rempp's 90th b'day dinner party (along with 38 of our nearest & dearest).

To W'loo yesterday to find all those "after Christmas bargains" - - not a good idea! I came home with two Rubbermaid containers and a new welcome mat! I'm SO NOT a shopper!

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Scott Holtzman said...

Good for you ~ with the chickens! We have 18 hatching eggs of Rhode Island Reds on the way Monday. They’re your standard ‘garden variety’ poultry, brown eggers.

Guess it's time to learn how to build that incubator.