Monday, November 28, 2005

With much thanks

Thanksgiving was a wonderful holiday this year - - so much to give thanks for, so much to hope for. We had dinner (more commonly known as "the great feast") at Robin & Andy's. In attendance were Mark & DJ (Marcus & Heather), Tom & Deb, Robin & Andy (Matt & Justin), and us. Ken & Kay weren't there, and it was a great disappointment to us all.

Went to my mom's for supper (another "great feast"). Gramma Geneen, Wade & Laura, Blake, Kimber & Bryce. Took a lot of pictures.

Quick (unsuccessful) shopping trip on Friday.

Mom came over Saturday night and we watched The Polar Express.

The Simpsons took Grace home with them after church, so Brett and I had a wonderful, quiet afternoon together.

Terrible winds last night with lots of rain. The house was actually shaking! Thankfully, we didn't lose any shingles. But, we did lose the back storm door - - needed to be replaced anyway.

Constant Christmas music on the radio today - - life is good!

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