Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ah, old farmhouses!

I thought I was so far ahead this morning, I went down to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee with my dh (darling husband) and dd (darling daughter). Halfway through the cup, I felt a trickle of water on my shoulder. We looked up and saw that the light fixture above us was full of water. The toilet in the bathroom (directly above the kitchen) had overflowed! We all ran upstairs to assess the damage - - apparently, the handle just needed a little "jiggle" to stop running. My dh dutifully (but crabbily) cleaned up the mess while I got ready for work. His parting comment to me was "I just wanna live here forever!" He was being facetious at best . . . cruel at worst.

I'm going to lament about my lack of a digital camera now * * sigh * * Not that my dh would have allowed me to take photos of this morning's goings-on, but so many other moments that I wish I had that handy gadget. Hmmm...after-Christmas gift to myself?

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